Press Release

Volunteers Are Making Progress to Restore the Powwow Hiking Trail in BWCAW

“Backpackers and hunters alike have prized the Powwow Trail for its solitude and number of campsites that can’t be reached by a canoe. This year, on the 40th anniversary of the BWCA Wilderness Act of 1978, volunteers are working hard to make this legacy trail hikeable again for our and future generations,” said Martin Kubik, founder and president of the Boundary Waters Advisory Committee (BWA Committee).

BWAC Celebrates 15 Years of Hiking Trail Stewardship, Education and Advocacy

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Boundary Waters Advisory Committee (BWAC) 15th anniversary celebration kicks off with talk from noted author Stephen Wilbers. The event was well attended including representatives from allied hiking trails and clubs including the Kekekabic Trail Chapter of North County Trail, Border Route Trail Association, 3M Outdoor Club and Wilderness in the City. The event emphasized the value of wilderness spaces and the importance of preserving them.

Volunteers Clear Hiking Trail in Boundary Waters in Time for National Trails Day

Minneapolis, Minnesota – At their own expense, spending personal vacation days and driving over 400 miles round trip, three crews of nine people each, spent several days in the BWCA clearing the Pow Wow Trail in May to open the trail for the AHS National Trails Day. Trail stewardship volunteers performed the difficult work of removing the hundreds of trees that fall across the trail each year using only hand tools, large pruning shears and hand saws. The work was made tougher due to the large number of tree falls from the Pagami creek fire which occurred six years ago.

BWCA Wilderness Backpackers Hold "Kickoff" Workshop at Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Close to fifty backpackers and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) enthusiasts spent an afternoon together last weekend at the beautiful Camp Sacajawea Retreat Center, tucked into the trails and woods of Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Veteran trail advocates captivated the audience with presentations on the North Country Trail, the Kekekabic Trail, the Border Route Trail, the Powwow Trail, and an educational slide show, “What Happens on a Trail Clearing Trip.” Listeners learned about trail conditions, plans for volunteer clearing trips, and were encouraged to get out and hike some of the over 200 miles of BWCAW trails. The event was sponsored by the Boundary Waters Advisory Committee (BWAC), a non-profit all-volunteer organization established in 2002 to promote BWCAW trails through advocacy, education of the public, and organizing trail clearing trips in Minnesota’s wilderness.

BWAC Requests Formal Priority Area Designation for Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Trail

Minneapolis, Minnesota – In response to new federal law H.R. 845, the National Forest Systems Trails Stewardship Act, The Boundary Waters Advisory Committee submitted a formal request to the Secretary of Agriculture asking that Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness trails and the Pow Wow Trail in particular, be designated as a priority area for maintenance. H.R. 845 directs the USDA to publish a strategy to significantly increase the role of volunteers and partners in trail maintenance and allows selection of specific areas to be designated as priority areas.