Gear List for Trail Clearing: Backpacking + Canoeing


The following is a suggested list. There are many books, websites and blogs that can be researched for gear lists and backpacking know-how.

To make hiking more comfortable, limit excessive “just in case” gear. Do not sacrifice safety (whistle, compass, map, headlamp, fire source etc.) or comfort (warm, dry layers and appropriate shelter and sleep system) to save ounces.

Sourcing Gear

Gear Rental

Buying Gear

If you are shopping for gear, consider supporting Midwest Mountaineering, a long-time sponsor of our club.

BWAC-Provided Gear

  • Group first aid kit: Bandages, tweezers, scissors, gloves

  • Water purification: Gravity filter, Steripen

  • Group tarp

  • Safety glasses

  • Tools: Saws, nippers

  • Map

Sample Packing List

Downloadable PDF Version

Personal Gear

▢ Compass

▢ Whistle - REQUIRED

▢ Headlamp and extra set of fresh batteries

▢ Backup light source (Tiny flashlight or lightweight headlamp)

▢ Bandana

▢ Sunglasses (optional) (Your sunglasses or prescription glasses may be used as eye protection if you choose not to use BWAC-provided safety glasses)

▢ Personal medications (Prescription and OTC)

▢ Small personal first aid kit (Consider including triple antibiotic ointment, antiseptic cleansing wipes, hydrocortisone cream , assorted bandages, moleskin)

▢ Lighter

▢ Matches and striker

▢ Toilet paper and hand sanitizer (Put your toilet paper roll in ziploc with a small container of hand sanitizer. Include a 2nd ziploc to pack out used TP as necessary.)

▢ Spade/Trowel

▢ Toothpaste and toothbrush

▢ Small pocket knife

▢ Sunscreen, lip balm

▢ Insect repellant (DEET recommended; non-aerosol)

▢ Water: 1L Nalgene or Nalgene-type bottle - It MUST be a one liter or 32oz capacity water bottle. Only the 1L/1 quart size water bottle can be used with our Steripen UV water purifier.

▢ Water: Additional 64oz of water carrying capacity - total 96oz water carrying, minimum (Examples: Platypus Platy Bottle; Nalgene wide mouth bladder; Sawyer pouches, 1L Gatorade bottles, or additional Nalgene bottles)

▢ Stove and fuel (Canister stove recommended. Stoves may be shared.)

▢ Cook pot

▢ Cup

▢ Bowl (optional) (You may be able to eat out of your pot)

▢ Spoon

▢ Food (We generally have no-cook, add boiling water meals. Carry options include: Odor-proof bag inside a roll-top stuff sack; Ursack bear-resistant bag; bear-resistant canister)

▢ Odor proof bag (Examples: LOKSAK OPSAK Odor-Proof Barrier Bag; Base Camp Source Odor-Barrier Bag)

▢ Garbage bag(s) to pack out all food packaging waste (One liter or 1 gallon ziploc can work well; Do not bring scented garbage bags; Note that if you use foil-pack backpacking food the packaging can take up a lot of garbage space. You will pack and store your garbage along with your food in the odor-proof bag(s).)


▢ Rain jacket

▢ Rain pants

▢ Wind shell

▢ Cap or hat with visor

▢ Warm hat

▢ Neck gaiter (Optional, check weather forecast)

▢ Leather or work gloves - REQUIRED

▢ T-shirt (1-2)

▢ Quick drying shirt

▢ Light thermal top

▢ Thinsulate or fleece jacket

▢ Long underwear set

▢ Pants (Quick-drying)

▢ Gaiters (Optional, can be very helpful to mitigate brush)

▢ Wool socks, 2x (Or, if you prefer, a fresh pair for each morning)

▢ Polypropylene or synthetic socks, 2x (Personal preference)

▢ Hiking boots

▢ Keen-type sandals for canoeing (Personal preference, you may want boots that can get wet instead of sandals for portaging)

Shelter & Backpack

▢ Sleeping bag (Rated to 25°F)

▢ Sleeping pad

▢ Tent

▢ Backpack

▢ Trash compactor bag liner bag for your pack (These bags are 25"x34", white, 2.5 ml thick and will keep your gear dry in your backpack.)

▢ Stuff sacks as needed to organize gear (Examples: Cook kit; clothing; ditty/hygiene)

▢ Lightweight daypack for day hiking from campsite (Lunch, water, first aid, rain gear, layers; or use your backpacking pack)

Group Gear (Provided)

▢ Group first aid kit: Bandages, tweezers, scissors, gloves

▢ Water purification: Gravity filter, Steripen

▢ Group tarp

▢ Safety glasses

▢ Tools: Saws, nippers

▢ Maps