What We've Achieved

In 2018, BWAC focused its efforts on the 30 mile long BWCAW Powwow Trail.

  • 25 miles of trail cleared and maintained

  • 22 wilderness trips

  • 122 volunteers

  • 2100 volunteer hours

  • 5000 treefalls cut

  • 1000’s of new jack pine growth cleared

  • 8 campsites located for restoration: Rock of Ages Lake, Path Lake, Mirror Lake, Superstition Lake, Campfire Lake, Marathon Lake, North Wilder Lake, South Wilder Lake

Overall 2018 Trail Progress

This was done with the help of many volunteers over the course of 23 trips of all skill levels and lengths. Thank you to all the volunteers who came with us on these trips. Your help is making it possible to keep this trail available for all to enjoy.

Spring Trips

May 3-6 - Hike & Strike: TH West ©Martin Kubik

May 5th - Legacy Duluth

A crew of 9 cleared 0.25 miles west of the loop intersections on a day trip from Duluth.

May 4-5 - Legacy Twin Cities

A 10 person crew stayed at a cabin and performed day trips to clear numerous tree falls between the loop intersection and Diana Lake.

May 3 - 7 Interior Cleaning ©Zach Thorson

May 4-8 - Legacy Extension

Two of our leaders backpacked in to clear 1000 more feet of trail west of Diana Lake.

May 3-6 - Hike & Strike: TH West

A 7 person crew cleared new falls east of Diana Lake as well as continuing to clear west towards Campfire Lake.

May 10-14 - Lake One Paddle In ©Siobhan Quinn

May 3-7 - Interior Clearing

A 7 person crew backpacked in and stayed at Diana Lake, where they continued clearing west to within a mile of Campfire Lake.

May 4-8 - Powwow Discovery

A 6 person team bushwhacked through the trail marking it for future crews from Marathon Lake to Rock of Ages Lake staying at various campsites along the way.

May 18-21 - Hike in to SW Corner ©Aaron Nosan

May 10-14 - Lake One Paddle In

This 8 person crew canoed via Lake Three and set up Camp at Rock of Ages Lake to clear 1.75 miles of trail.

May 18-21 - Hike in to sw corner

A 9 person crew trekked to Myth Lake where they set up camp and continued to clear west for 1.75 miles to Superstition Lake.

May 25-28 - Hike & Strike Pose ©Martin Kubik

May 25-29 - The Final Push: HPT

A crew of 9 canoed in via Lake Three then hiked to Mirror Lake where they set up camp and cleared 0.75 miles of trail along the lake.

may 25-28 - Hike & Strike Pose

A 7 person crew backpacked in to the Isabella River campsite where they proceeded to clear new tree falls up to the Wye.

Summer trips

June 26-29 - North Loop Recovery ©Martin Kubik

june 26-29 - North Loop Trail Recovery

This 3 person crew canoed into North Wilder where they set up camp and marked 0.9 miles of trails to help future crews locate the trail for clearing.

July 18-22 - Wilder Campsite Recovery ©Jim Ryan

July 18-22 - North Wilder Campsite Recovery

A crew of 4 canoed to North Wilder Lake where they located the old North Wilder backpacking site and cleared 0.4 miles of trail in the area.

Aug 15-19-North Wilder Experience ©Susan Pollock

Aug 15-29 - The North Wilder Experience

A 6 person group canoed through Lake Three and hiked and cleared to the upper end of North Wilder Lake to set up camp. From their they marked 0.77 miles of trail, and cleared 0.64 miles.

Fall trips 

Aug 31 - Sept 3 - Labor Day to Pose ©Aaron Nosan

Aug 31 - Sept 3 - Labor Day to Pose

A 4 person crew hiked in from the trailhead and set up camp near Pose Lake where they cleared the spur trail to the Pose Lake Campsite as well as re-clearing numerous new falls between Pose and the Wye.

Sept 27 - Oct 1 - Powow Restoration ©Aaron Nosan

sept 27 - oct 1 - powwow restoration

This large 9 person crew backpacked in to Pose Lake and cleared 1.55 miles of additional trail between Pose Lake and South Wilder Lake.

sept 27 - oct 1 - Canoe Lake One to NWL

A 5 person crew canoed in to North Wilder Lake to set up camp where they cleared 0.34 miles around the portage and site.

Sept 27 - Oct 1 - Powow Restoration ©Siobhan Quinn

Oct 11-15 - Hike In Powwow Trail Clearing

Four volunteers backpacked in to camp as Pose Creek where they continued clearing west through thick growth for 0.26 miles.

oct 18-21 - MEA Weekend Warriors

Five backpacking volunteers hiked to Pose Creek and continued to push towards South Wilder lake by clearing 0.5 miles of growth and down trees.

Oct 25-29 - West of Pose Creek ©Aaron Nosan

Oct 25-28 - West of Pose Creek

A crew of 6 hiked in and set up camp as Pose Creek where they pushed 0.5 miles further towards South Wilder Lake. First views of S Wilder Lake!

nov 2-3 - day clearing from the cabin

A late season crew of 6 stayed overnight at a nearby cabin after which they cleared numerous new treefalls from the trailhead to the Wye.

Nov 8-12 - S Wilder Lake Grate ©Lucas Raudabaugh

Nov 8-12 - S Wilder Lake Firegrate Quest

A small team of 4 set out to locate the South Wilder Firegrate to determine the location of the original campsite.

nov 23-26 - S Wilder lake Firegrate Quest #2

This 3 person scouting team set out to locate the firegrate at South Wilder Lake after hiking/snowshowing/bushwhacking through uncleared sections of trail and freshly frozen lakes.

Dec 13-17 - Snow Camping to Z ©Lucas Raudabaugh

Dec 13-17 - Snow camping to the lost city of Z

A 4 person crew finally located the lost campsite treking over frozen lakes and through many down trees. They cleared the area around it to make it easier to locate in the future.