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Powwow Trail Clearing by Canoe (North Wilder Lake Area)

Join us on this 4 day backcountry trail clearing combining canoeing and backpacking. We will be paddling through 6 unique lakes before ending with a mile hike to set up camp on North Wilder Lake. We will be working to clear a part of the trail that is very difficult for through hikers to pass with all the current treefalls.


You will meet other like-mined hikers, share your skills and learn new skills from your crew, and have an unforgettable experience helping restore a fire-damaged legacy trail in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.


We will be departing the Twin Cities @ 5:00pm on Thursday, Aug 29th and returning late evening on Monday, Sept. 2nd. We plan to be back in the metro area by 8:00 p.m. however flexibility is required due to unknowns of wilderness travel.

We will be staying in an Ely area bunkhouse the evening of Aug 29th for a 7:30am Friday morning departure from the Lake One landing. We will be paddling and portaging for about 5-7 hours to the Harbor Lake portage where we will store the canoes. We will continue on by foot to our camping area, a less than one mile hike.

Saturday and Sunday will give us two days of clearing the abundant new growth and old tree falls as we make our small section of the trail hikable again. Come Monday morning, we will head out early to retrace our canoeing and make the drive back to the cities.